The area dedicated to Operations within Mixte Consulting assists emerging fashion and lifestyle brands in the implementation of the whole business development process and shoulders them with an integrated service of operations and management support.


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Mixte Consulting assists its client in identifying the best economic and financial strategy to give the brand the highest value possible and to optimize its creative potential.

Through a process of analysis, Mixte Consulting supports the client and helps him to streamline the ideal path and the company structure in a medium and long-term strategy, in order to attract possible investors may they be shareholders and/or financial partners.

Serving as a guide for the client’s management team to present an investors appealing situation, Mixte Consulting builds sound business plans making them coherent with the shareholders’ vision, convincing for the stakeholders involved (production partners and agents/distributors) and marketable to possible financial partners.


On the base of the sole creative idea, Mixte Consulting assists start-ups in planning and launching their brand and their company.

Once all the parties involved approve the strategic plan, Mixte Consulting’s assistance consists in flanking the brand’s management in setting up the outsourced organizational structure: from the selection of the right industrial and distributional partners to the introduction of added value external services by recruiting key resources.


Thanks to its profound knowledge of the Italian industrial system, Mixte Consulting becomes a real asset for start-ups that need to increase their production standards in terms of quality and costs to benefit the expansion of the creative project or for positioning requirements.

Mixte Consulting can provide a network of production partners for every main product category.


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Mixte Consulting evaluates the capacity of a brand to add value to its economic and communication potential through licensing or co-branding agreements.

Mixte Consulting’s guidance starts from the strategical analysis of the brand’s potential, goes through the sourcing of possible partners and ends with the negotiation and the definition of the agreements as well as with an active support in handling them.


Mixte Consulting guides its clients in the definition of a global distribution strategy and in the selection of the right distribution partners: from the agreements ‘negotiation to the definition of the contracts.

Mixte Consulting also supports its clients in the correct management of the relationship with the distribution partners, interceding during the various phases of the deal: identification of potential retailers, pricing, budgets and results analysis.


Mixte Consulting collaborates with financial partners of various vocations: “angel investors”, family offices and private equity funds for important operations.

This part of support is carried out in partnership with external structures and is available only to clients who are also requiring complete strategic and communication plans.

This is to guarantee to the client and to the possible investor that plans are sanctioned by experts and to facilitate the dialogue between all the parties involved.